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Drama Student Testimonial

A selection of testimonials from students who have completed the BA (Hons) Drama programme
What Our Students Say About Us:

“The Drama course at Magee is without a doubt the best in the country. It is such a contemporary course and the lecturers are fantastic. They don’t spoon-feed you but they help you to help yourself. There’s a lot of work involved in a Drama degree and, for those who stick it out, there is no-one that doesn’t enjoy it.”


“The course has a special quality where students can choose their pathway through the course. It allows you to specialize in an area as well as being open to let you study modules you may not have encountered before. I choose a mainly Educational Theatre and Theatre and Community route, but I also took modules such as Contemporary Irish Theatre, Storytelling and Performance, Arts Administration and Avant-Garde Theatre.”


“Drama at UU Magee provides a fantastic learning environment with the most supportive and encouraging lecturing staff. Opportunities for collaborative work with students within the course means that we are leaving with some true friends and people we are able to work with on a professional basis after University. I feel incredibly privileged to be a graduate from the BA Drama at University of Ulster!”


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