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Dance Student Testimonials

A selection of testimonials from students who have completed the BA (Hons) Dance programme

Bridget Madden

I decided to study at the University of Ulster because of its great enthusiasm to the arts, the hard work it was putting into its entire subject areas, the teachers were dedicated to providing the best for their pupils and the timetable was varied and challenging. Being originally from Yorkshire (England), I naturally applied for various other institutes in the area also concentrating on Dance – and I was shocked to see that their own timetables would only cover Monday to Wednesday. I decided then to go further afield back to my parents’ homeland in Ireland to see what they had to offer and I was delighted to see that the University of Ulster could provide Dance on a high level. I was impressed to see the timetable was Monday to Friday inclusive with weekend workshops available too. When I arrived the people were friendly and welcoming and I knew this was the place for me.


Being a student at the University of Ulster really provided me with the correct foundation on which to build my dance career. Not having taken contemporary dance before and being originally from England, I was faced with a double challenge on my hands. Once I found my feet and got familiar with the city, people and way of life, I began to open myself up to new challenges that the course offered and also taking opportunities from outside the course. After 3 years of training, I was eventually awarded a first class degree gaining the highest mark in the class. I think with the care, time and individuality that was given by Ulster, that achievement would not have been possible in other institutes. I found that the tutors were always on hand to help work things out and gave corrections which aided my improvement.


The university has taught me so much not only about my subject, but about life in general. I’ve met some really great people who have taught me so much in the 3 years I was there. It has given me skills and experience from great teaching and opportunities to excel in my field and be confident that anything is achievable. I wasn’t sure where my studies would take me, but as many aspects of dance were covered in the syllabus such as performance, choreographing, teaching workshops of all ages, and company work, I feel that I would be able to jump into any of those particular areas.


I am currently working in New York with Solas An Lae Dance School and Company choreographing, teaching, training and mentoring both the school and company. I’m looking forward to letting my dance training take me to new places to perform and choreograph professionally.

Claire Williamson

Having been very excited about starting the Dance course, I can say that it fully met my expectations. With an intense course like this it was essential that I received support from my peers as well as all the staff involved. This created an excellent and comfortable working environment whereby each individual could achieve his or her highest potential, both practically and theoretically. The staff cannot be overestimated, as they were both approachable and supportive. This allowed me to gain confidence both academically and personally. The range of workshops and classes prepared us for a variety of career choices. During the course I decided I wanted to become a dance teacher, and was fully supported and guided in this choice. I have just successfully completed my PGCE in secondary dance and start my first job at a Performing Arts College, teaching key stage 3 and 4. Even though I finished my degree in 2008, I am still in contact with the staff and still feel they can give me advice and support. I would have no reservations in recommending this course to any individual interested in dance.


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