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The Creative Technologies programme at the School of Creative Arts and Technologies

The BSc in Creative Technologies combines industry-relevant digital content development with an innovative engagement with contemporary creative arts practice and creative industries policy. The scope of this course necessitates project-based work across traditional subject boundaries, leading students to develop adaptable creative and technical skills which will equip them for work in a rapidly changing media landscape.


Students benefit from guest lectures from leading artists and industry figures and will be exposed to cutting edge practice and debate through participation in departmental events.


The School is a building housing other creative types—designers, musicians, actors, directors, dramatists, dancers—and the strong sense of community means that you will have many opportunities to collaborate with and learn from each other. Frequently, these collaborations will continue after you have graduated.


With this combination of an exposure to a variety of creative fields, a range of technical skills and an understanding of the place of creative and emerging technologies in the wider digital economy, you will be extremely well-placed to compete successfully in what is a rapidly changing employment market.


Further information on the course can be obtained from the Creative Technologies website


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