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Welcome to the School of Creative Arts and Technologies. From 1 August 2017 we’re delighted to be joining the new School of Arts & Humanities. Details of the new website coming soon.

The formation of the School of Creative Arts and Technologies is an exciting development for Ulster University and, in particular, the Magee campus. The School of Creative Arts was established on 1st August 2006, drawing together the performing arts sections of the former School of Media and Performing Arts and the Magee-based Design section of the School of Art and Design. Further subjects joined the fold over the following years, namely Creative Technologies (2010), Museum and Heritage Studies (2013) and Cinematic Arts (2014). In 2013 the School was renamed as The School of Creative Arts and Technologies in order to reflect its widening activities. Creative Arts and Technologies is a vibrant, dynamic and highly regarded School located at the Foyle Arts Building, a magnificent Georgian edifice on the Magee campus and at MH block. The resources provided for the delivery of our programmes and the advancement of learning are of an exceptionally high standard.

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There are seven subject areas: Cinematic Arts, Creative Technologies, Dance, Design, Drama, Museum and Heritage Studies, and Music. Creativity and innovation, embracing practice, performance, critical understanding and cutting-edge technology, is central to the work of the School and is informed by intellectual engagement with the disciplines embodied within the subject areas.

We provide an enriching learning experience for our students, an environment in which they have the opportunity to pursue and develop their strengths. In addition to the subject specific skills developed, we facilitate student acquisition of a range of skills and aptitiudes; enabling our students to pursue successful careers in the creative and cultural industries and beyond.


Distinctive learning experiences are offered through opportunities provided for students to work across discipline boundaries. Practice based research and practice as research are promoted within the School.


Our teaching is supported by the strong engagement of the staff with research and performance. Many of our staff have international reputations as researchers and/or practitioners. Programme delivery is supported and assisted by technical staff, visiting lecturers, business leaders, performance specialists, directors, composers, media specialists, developers, designers and choreographers.

The School of Creative Arts and Technologies, which is at the heart of the cultural life of the University, is alive to the needs of students in the early years of the twenty-first century. We are committed to delivering programmes that are attractive, imaginative, innovative and challenging and that meet and exceed the expectations of our students.



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